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About the Collider

Interested in United States Air Force quantum information science programs and activities?
The Virtual Quantum Collider will bring together government, industry, academia, and the small business community as we explore pioneering quantum technologies. Presentations by government leaders will discuss this emerging technology and how its capabilities will revolutionize U.S. Air Force operations. This is an ideal opportunity to learn about quantum initiatives and innovations that are being developed for U.S. Air Force needs and interests. Register now to get involved!

During this event: hear from the leaders shaping the future of quantum, get to know professionals from across the industry, and be a part of an event which will award Air Force funding to exceptional small businesses.

The Topics

The United States Air Force is seeking innovative technologies and/or processes which will advance the development of Quantum Enabling Technologies and applications. Specifically, we’re interested in advancing and retaining scientific and military dominance in the application of quantum science to Air Force needs and interests.

During the Quantum Collider, the United States Air Force will conduct a Pitch Day for Quantum Information Technologies where they will hear pitches from companies who have submitted applications pursuing STTR PHASE I contracts. Invited companies will give pitches to a panel made up of Air Force end-users, Air Force major commands, program offices, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. The topics will explore quantum timing, sensing, information processing/computing, and communication/networking. More details on each topic below.

Follow the links below to learn more about the topics:
Topic #: AF20A-T001
Title: Pitch Day for Quantum Enabling Technologies Quantum Timing

Topic #: AF20A-T002
Title: Pitch Day for Quantum Enabling Technologies Quantum Sensing

Topic #: AF20A-T003
Title: Pitch Day for Quantum Enabling Technologies Quantum Information Processing and Computing

Topic #: AF20A-T004
Title: Pitch Day for Quantum Enabling Technologies Quantum Communication and Networking


Check back for the agenda and links to access the WebEx.


Monday, June 15, 2020


Dr. Will Roper
Assistant Secretary
Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

Dr. Micheal Hayduk
Deputy Director
Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate

Mr. Jack Blackhurst
Executive Director
Air Force Research Laboratory

Mr. David Shahady
Air Force SBIR/STTR Program

Colonel Timothy Lawrence
Director, Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate
Commander, Detachment 4

Mr. Steven Johns
Branch Chief
Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate


(WebEx links coming soon)

Quantum Collider Welcome

Denise Lee / Steve Johns / Laura Longo

Air Force Keynote

Air Force SBIR/STTR Overview

David Shahady / Matt Howard / Anissa Lumpkin

AFRL Quantum Technology Overview

Dr. Michael Hayduk

The Quantum Economic Development Consortium
Progress & Outlook

Dr. Joseph Broz

New York State Resources


Closing Remarks

Colonel Timothy Lawrence

Join us June 15!


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